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  • 25000+ Happy Customers
  • 15000+ Homes Delivered in The Last 5 Years
  • 39 Projects Delivered
  • 25000 Units Delivered

Gurugram’s landscape has evolved significantly in recent years, with certain sectors becoming iconic symbols of status and prestige. At Statement @37D, located along the bustling Dwarka Expressway, witness the epitome of this transformation firsthand.

Boasting state-of-the-art infrastructure, seamless connectivity, and meticulously planned urban development, Dwarka Expressway is emerging as a vibrant and self-sustaining cityscape. From soaring skyscrapers to thriving residential and commercial hubs, along with lush green corridors and innovative smart city initiatives, this dynamic locale offers a lifestyle that transcends expectations.

Experience the pulse of modern living at Statement @37D, where every aspect of urban luxury awaits. Embrace the essence of Gurugram’s dynamic evolution and make a statement with your lifestyle choice.

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